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Virtual Paralegal & Administration Service

Let me help you from the clutter of the paperwork hassle - I will help your business flutter!

Dominitrice Gonzalez 

Dee Butterfly Effect is a virtual paralegal and administrative business that provides legal administration support. Our practice provides services to law firms, solo practices, individuals, mid-size, corporate, and large companies. In addition, our firm offers notary services throughout Illinois. The services will help eliminate hiring long-term staff on the payroll. The services will help eliminate the hassle of any extra responsibilities of looking for a notary, plus you have a professional and certified paralegal at your request to get the job done! 

We understand that deadlines are important, being organized is just as important, being up to date with the statutes and citations with the law is important - STOP - leave the paperwork to our firm.


At Dee Butterfly Effect we will help you with: 


  • Eliminating the hassle of dealing with the paperwork

  • Preparing and meeting your deadlines.

  • Following-up with clients

  • Database entry

  • E-filing

  • & MORE!!! 

We are experienced and we know how to get things done. We enforce service to fulfill the day-to-day duties without interruptions at a reasonable price, where you can rely on and trust that your business is safe in our possession and we will flutter to get the job done!