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Hello! I am Dominitrice Gonzalez "Dee", founder of Dee Butterfly Effect. I have been a practicing paralegal since 2008, that’s over 14 years of experience. I am certified in what I do and what I have to offer to your business. Let me help your business get organized and file the necessary pleadings in a timely manner.  


I have the training and experience in law and with the court system in Illinois. I am also experienced with legal research and the resources to resolve issues. I also have experience in compliance matters at the federal, state, and city levels. In addition, my background is a wide range from small boutique, to corporate, real estate, higher education, litigation, pharmaceutical, banking, and housing. We are also BBB Certified! 

Let's talk about credentials to back up my experience. I am member of both the Illinois Paralegal Association and Chicago Paralegal Association. I am an Illinois Notary Public. I also have an Associates with a minor in Paralegal Studies and a Bachelors in Business Administration, minor in Law Office Management.


Dee Butterfly Effect's current target customers in the market are lawyers (solo practitioners) who basically operate a law practice on their own, law firms, brokers, real estate agents, corporations with in-house counsel, and individuals.


Virtual Business. Home.


Dee Butterfly Effect is a flexible operation however we do operate on a part-time basis.

We are committed to quality in everything that we do. Our business also thrives on diversity, equity, inclusion, and community.

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